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Ep.3 LED track Layout panel

Ep. 03. LED track Layout panel

Ep.2 Renewing my test Layout

Ep. 02. Determination of a faulty NRF24 module. First trains start.

Ep.1 Renewing my test Layout

Ep. 01. Renewing my test layout. Practice of WRU installation.

WRU vs URB unit

WRU vs URB unit

URB Project. How it works

You asked me to make a test track. You are welcome!

URB Project. How it works

DIY Rudder Pedals. Part II. Sensors and electronics

DIY Rudder Pedals. Part II. Sensors and electronics

DIY Rudder Pedals. Part I. Pedals making.

DIY Rudder Pedals. Part I. Pedal making.

Double Slip Switch vs. Two Turnouts

How work Double Slip Switches

Installing URB control system to oldest track-plan

DIY Rudder Pedals for Flight Simulator

DIY Rudder Pedals for Flight Simulator

DIY Rudder Pedals for Flight Simulator

Turntable II — Final

Universal model railway turntable. Final episode.

Universal sketch for Turntable II

Programming Arduino sketch for railway turntable

Rotation mechanism

How make the turntable mechanism

Turntable II

Story of turntable design

Example of Passing siding

Wireless Railway Unit

Introduce WRU

New era of URBs


Indicate Panel

Perhaps discuss a bit of theory.

Indicate Panel for model railways


Tomorrow on YouTube the Second episode

Making Episode 2


Soon new videos about practical implement of URB system

Renovate my railway layout. Episode 1


Small part of my layout is finished

Signal tower Tank yard


Making signal tower

Making signal tower


Arduino Railway Layout Control is released

Arduino Railway Layout Conrol V1


Soon new app

Arduino Railway Layout Conrol V1 Arduino Layout Conrol


Under construction

New details


Migration to WRU


My layout on URB units


My layout on WRU


Smart switching control

Hello Mr. Massikker,
I have seen your videos in YouTube and got really exited about the way your system works. I have already purchased some Arduino equipment from the web. I am not an expert electrician, but after watching your DIY guides I believe I will be able to hook it all up. However, I still have few questions that I am not 110% sure about. My layout is currently DCC and I am only interested in running DCC.
Is it possible to make an application for a tablet that will only control devices on the layout (turnouts, signals, mechanisms, lighting, etc.). For trains, it is more convenient for me to use my DCC remote control. I really really love the interface of your TABLET app.

Yes, I have such an application. I will publish it on GooglePlay at next week.


My plans for 2021

Polarity rules

I must admit that I was so bored with my project that I took apart the test track. Therefore, the video about the Big Station will only be available in 2021. The outgoing year was terrible for URB. None of the modelers could make their own layout under the control of the URB system. Modellers, to whom I gave detailed instructions, speedly made first steps for the created of their railway layouts and, after a month or two, they simply losed interst for their hobby. At the same time, at each stage of building their layouts, they made mistakes, and, at the same time, refused to admit them. As a result, they brought the situation to complete absurdity and… see above :)

At that moment, I was designing automated control, wireless modules, simplifying sketches and coming up with new features for the development of the URB project. And the comparison of my efforts, with the lack of desire among the modelers to implement even the simplest capabilities of the URB management system, led me to a deep internal crisis.

Therefore, next year I will be doing elementary examples for the main site. But I will publish all complex projects only for members of the URB Club.

Happy New Year (evil laugh)

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