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Hello Friend! I am glad to see you as a participant in my projects. You aren't a consumer, you're a participant.

My main project for the management of model railways using Android mobile devices working more than six years. And during this time I met many talented people. They helped me continue this project, because many times I wanted to close it. The problem is that I could not create a community. Each of you generates a lot of amazing ideas, you create your own worlds, but… Either you don’t have time to explain and promote your successes, either you are too self-centered or modest – practically nobody doesn't know your progress. Your posts on social networks and forums very quickly disappear in a stream of endless texts of other people. Keeping your own blog or video channel is also a difficult task and takes a lot of time.

For example, I jokingly wrote on the site that it is possible to make a URB unit based on a breadboard. I did not expect anyone to do this, although this is a very quick way to start my system. And if I had not been sent a photograph of such a prototype, I continued to consider this not a very real possibility. Or, at the very beginning of the spread of a URB system based on URB units, I received a lot of negative messages about the stupidity of this approach from "experts". And the second photo dispelled my doubts.

Therefore, send materials about your hobby, and with your consent I will post them in the gallery on the main site. Or discuss your successes among themselves. I am ready to publish your questions and answers right here on the site or Reddit.