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Android devices

Control with smartphone or tablet

Send commands to your trains and other devices from your Android smartphone. The Arduino Train allows you to manage with two different smartphones several trains, or, which is more fun single locomotive. Also, with this program, you can control lights of buildings and streets, including individual windows of buildings and use fade effects. In the Kids version you can control only one train.

And, of course, you will control junctions.

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Arduino sketches

Easy create your own Arduino sketches

All sketches on this project based only simpliest examples from Arduino IDE . You can change them to fit your needs and to realize almost any of your ideas. The main principle of the whole project is the absence of difficulties.

If you are a guru, you can easily rewrite sketches, and maybe you be want to share them with the rest. Also, the principle of project functioning can be transferred to other things, for example remote control of light or movement.

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New apps

New App

The version for children. The version for youngsters. And the version PRO. Full support for protocol commands and blocks of URB. Hardware and sketches still without changes! Added sounds, feedback and use of sensors. In versions Junior and PRO add support аutomation of traffic and much more.

A new idea for parents. Now you can install Arduino on any children's railway and together with the child play the train using your Android!

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Project details.
Based principles.
Advantages of this project.

Unlike similar projects, the solution on this site provides not only locomotive management, but also control position of junctions mechanisms, lighting the layout, signals, bringing its elements into motion and automating the entire game process. This is all-in-one solution.

The main principle of the whole project is the minimum complexity and cheap and affordable components. Trains are set in motion by simply applying voltage to the rails. No DDC, no decoders, only a motor in the locomotive. You may use the locomotive of any firm, and use your favorite scale. Any Arduino compatible motor-driver connects directly to the rails.

I tested the motor driver on the L298 and L9110s chips, but you can use others. Sketches on the site are designed for L298. Switch-motors designed on servo like TowerPro. You can look how make it at my YouTube channel (the drawings are included in the download package). The servo is connected directly to the URB, and works only during the switching of the junction (see junctions sketch). Servo connected with URB also use from moving cross barriers, rounds and etc.

In general, a URBs can be used not only for railway modeling, my friends hooked it up to Twin Loop Road Racing and their children competed cars from their smartphones.

The chain of Universal Railway Bus (URB) units –
the key for all electronics devices on layout

The most important thing worthy of the project is the complete electronic provision of any layout using only the details for Arduino. Since the bus I2C is integrated into each URB, then combining several URBs consistently, you get an almost unlimited number of I/O pins Arduino. You no longer need specialized controllers, for example for servos, each URB can perform any function, it depends only on the sketch loaded into it. You will really like this method, just look at its possibilities on the How it Station!

Also on the basis of URBs it is possible to build a hardware control panel of the layout integrated into the general scheme, and, to build manual control of junctions and movement of locomotives. In this case, you can control the layout as of the ArduinoTrain BtControl app and directly from the real buttons and throttle handle.

For owners of DDC stations, URB is also useful for service functions (as light control and so one). But the truth is that in this case the automation of the movement and remote control with Android, which is the highlight of the whole project, will not be able to work.

URB to PC connection
Onwork testing with PC
station control panel
Speedly prototyping
lights on  layout
Flexibility and simplicity
railway crossing barrier gear
Through four
wires bus
Convenient connection
Universal & high-current I/O

About me

I'm Steve Massikker, designer and former engineer from Moscow. On this site only my original content is posted, and if you like it - support me or donate.

Most of this project was invented and tested on my home railway layout presented in video.