How to make URB

In the documentation kit consists standard gerber-files necessary the manufacturers of PCBs for copying. In addition are links to trusted PCB makers. I have ordered more than a hundred boards, and they also provide delivery to you. Their price along with delivery is approximately $ 21 for 10 pieces. If you need other formats, then write me your requirements.
You can also ask manufacturers to assembled the finished device, for this it is enough to give them a link to the page of the site about the URB.

The URB board is designed also for replicating at home. The board does not have complicated wiring and thin strips. Information on the methods of individual production can be found in the internet by keywords: How to Make PCB at home. Masks and instructions are included in the documentation.

Donators Documentation Kit

Friends! I started this campaign to bring back the fun and simplicity of railroad modeling.
I'm doing this project alone. For the content of the site and purchase of details for testing new ideas, I need funds. Or comrades-in-arms!
If your donation is more than $ 20, then as a gift to your mail I will return the documentation to produce the URB 2.7 Revision 2, and also a special version of the ArduinoTrain BtControl PRO 4.4 application + Application Documentation. And little more!

The previous version of URB 1.8

This documentation package includes templates for the manufacture of URB 1.8 and drawings of junction servos and methods for making signals.

You will see and download it's documentation on my Facebook group.