First run CNC 1310

My CNC 1310

This is a joint project with my friend Erik. We needed a tool that could cut out small parts for our hobby. 3D print was not suitable for this, for many reasons. In fact, both of us are very interested in trying the CNC, but by mutual agreement I became lab rat :)

I had experience with CNC machines in the 90s, so I have an idea about the operation of these machines. Nevertheless, home CNC based on Arduino is new to me. I hope the experience of implementing CNC will be of interest to you.

In modeling, there are often situations where you need to make a lot of the same details. And the accuracy of their manufacture is crucial. CNC is perfect for this job. CNC 1310 in have an accuracy of about 0.1 mm. The accuracy declared by manufacturers of these machines of 0.03 mm is an advertising trick.

Compared to widespread type 3018 models with a large machining area, the accuracy of the 1310 (1419) machines is much higher. This also served as the basis for the selection of these CNCs.

Often mention the low speed of the cheap spindle of these machines. It is quite possible. But firstly, it can be replaced. And secondly, we are going to process only soft materials and engrave circuit boards for electronics.So, will be even more interesting to conduct experiments with different materials.


PCB for CNC engraving machine control it is very similar to Arduino. In fact, this is Arduino, supplemented by stepper motor control drivers and etc. Almost my URB unit :)

The manufacturer gave extremely scarce information about its functions and connection. I tried to figure it out and carefully examined the board. Therefore, here I will add pictures about the electronics of this machine.

Also, the operation of the machine (speed and precision) depends on the type and shape of milling cutters. Now I have 10 tools and I plan to test them on various plastics.

Assembly tips

The only problem that has baffled me for several hours is the Anti-Backlash elimination unit on the shafts.

There are many instructions on YouTube for assembling this CNC. And process of assemble the machine is a quite convenient. In my delivery option, this unit could not been assembled correctly. Added confusion numerous videos from «professionals» who offered completely insane solutions. Watch the correct assembly on my video.

Anti Backlash CNC problem